"Han Bao Er, you talk, can be a little bit more rational, a day sea elder brother in the sky, is his in that manner like the appearance of being the elder brother?Before in addition to humiliating you, don't do another of, pour now well, and then humiliate my top in the head.Return sun sea in Europe don't like me for sky, I get angry, good heavens!Does Han Bao Er sincerely want to grieve me not to become?When, I once liked sun sea in Europe sky, you pour is say?I am very anxious to seek a knife Tong to die now he!"Say, baby goes toward doll uping of Han Bao Er's room on the stage to the vision and takes aim.
    Han Bao Er is got a fright, hurriedly from the behind an embrace baby's way:"Elder sister, you never excite!Do I make you literally beat me not to become?You don't take scissors to seek sea elder brother for sky, you beat however his."
    "Smelly wench, you let go quickly, " baby is also getting more hasty, doesn't understand to hate of Nu way:"When, I said to take scissors, I want to use a gun just now, to still fire gun, that kind of deathless person, but let people the whole body is well ventilated, the iron filings son fire gun, up and down infuse all over the sun sea in Europe sky a very cool, end, let him lie every day on the bed, one Tan a month, not, three months, five months, half year ……, I am very anxious to let his whole life, lie to can not get up from lying position forever on the bed."
Han Bao Er drive the evil language of baby make silly eye, finally, see baby just keep saying, be loquacious of endless, Han Bao Er's handle knob loose open, by hand point own ear stealthily the Wu lived.
    At down stairs basically out of hearing upstairs the least bit action, don't know, the at present of baby in is what mood of Europe sun sea

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