Can chase unscrupulously overbearing gorgeous elder sister, adjust to teach is like a similar lovely obedient small cat man, where meeting is common?Some bodyguards even to sun sea in Europe vision that project an admiration in the sky.
    See gorgeous to really need to walk, the sun sea in Europe sky also has to stand up and sent to doorway, gorgeous and graceful body, outwardly came out several steps, suddenly, thought of what, turn head again is see one sun sea in eye Europe sky.
    If looking at the sun sea in Europe sky stunned speechless,the gorgeous elder sister still has to say, does the gorgeous elder sister give an account with oneself?Instinct of, the sun sea in Europe sky asks a way:"Gorgeous elder sister, also what is up?"
    "E" a , gorgeous and radiant Mou light, again is a body boudoir in sun sea in Europe sky connect some kind of, just way:"Sun sea in Europe the sky , the day after tomorrow, is the day that Thai boxing champion challenges a Chinese boxing.I remember you but make me stay a ticket of, when the time comes, if you don't come, my meeting ……."
    Is gorgeous and then eye in the bodyguard surprising vision under, gather together own Jiao lips to, on the ear side in sun sea in Europe sky, way:"Sun sea in Europe sky, you have no naked-habit of sleeping?If have, had better, that evenings wear one more clothes, I will seek yours."
    This words say, for a while, the sun sea heart Luo Mao in sky in Europe's ――― pours to really have by himself/herself is naked-sleep of habit, hear, if oneself doesn't see boxing match and have a like this big advantage, the sun sea in Europe skies all want a to excite, and gorgeous dishonor bill.
    Is more speechless in the heart, gorgeous will speak so moving words, momentary, Leng at on the spot, not talk, also not know, how cover up own facial expression.
    That sort Chi the Chi is very silly

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