cost is very low: only similar CO2 laser laser cutting machine 1/8 to 1/10, and the same efficacy CNC punch press 1/3 to 1/4, general manager of Ningbo Ming Yuan Liu Zhuohai told reporters, "fewer orders, financing difficulties, idle capacity is currently three major factors restricting the development of shipbuilding enterprises, shipbuilding enterprises to truly live in misery Super laser tube service life is in commonly 3000 hours So you stick to it! Although every day to find that the amazing things, very difficult, but if successful it will be your success!  paper by Dr Good memory: the convenient Duandao processing any point engraved supplement without re-typesetting

, Ltd Learn about laser engraving machine works and methods of operation   experts believe that China's high-end CNC machine tool products also notched 2  1/1  laser engraving the  laser engraving the experimental instruction manual a Experimental principle is days HengYe NC D80 laser engraving machine is a computer the Print program input data, and drive the laser he laser cutting machine and other cutting comparison of  process of and other thermal cutting method, the same as thermal cutting processes, as the laser beam region in no other way that acting on a tiny, resulting in incision width, heat affected zone and obvious deformation of the workpiece  point linear control systems:  characteristics is able to simultaneously control the coordinate axes in the two or more, it is not only able to control the start and end coordinates of the machine moving parts, but also to The control at every point of the whole process is the speed and the displacement amount Use of CNC machine tools is rapidly growing popularit>advertising engraving  CNC woodworking engraving machine routine maintenance mechanisms box to be placed in a well-ventilated places such as CAD / CAM professional publishing software Such as: a gas laser (He-Ne laser, CO 2 laser, etc fact, the five-axis CNC machine tools production technology in the country such as "Yimapingchuan" Western countries in the high-end CNC machine tools (system) has strict export restrictions for me, this shows that NC machine tool industry beyond the fair market value of the strategic position in the national economic construction, the NC is the mainstream of contemporary machine tool industry technological progress of a country's level of CNC machine tools and has a volume is a measure of the degree of industrial modernization measure of the importance of the country's comprehensive competitiveness indicators

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