Of be afraid of, cause she after great anger, soon responded to come over, took unwilling air on the face, be still not the feeling don't wish of, follow the words in sun sea in Europe sky, way:"Sun sea in Europe sky, you can say that again, the most suitable match what to marry our sister is a rightness of twins' brotherses, we should marry a man like that."
    Baby's words let sun sea in Europe stunned speechless for sky on the spot, baby for the first time after being incensed by he or she, don't become angry to oneself, this can let too much people, feel unimaginable!
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    That unimaginable felling, in the chest bum for a while, a pleasant sensation of hard speech, come out in the in the mind explosion in sun sea in Europe sky, the ――― sees baby's eating shriveled appearance to return is really great!
    The vision is curious about that the dead dead stares at at baby's body up.On the girl son body that relentless of vehemence, don't know when, became small chemisette bashful and Chen Nu.The medium Xiu of the baby blue lace side thin Shan, jet black long the hair is straight like waterfalls, cover with to spread on the shoulder, descend a body one draw tight a cowboy long skirt, lovely of cartoon pattern small slippers, even the toe in slippers, also stretched out the small and red Rong ball of two amiabilities.
    A pair of small feet Yas, the pure white and delicate amiability, have a liking for to go to very an emotion and have much of chemisette flavor.Baby's foppery, in fact the neuter gender there is the big-hearted and warms and fragrant feeling to grow nature mostly.
    At this time, baby's vision falls at the body in sun sea in Europe sky up, discovers the vision that has been using a kind of eeriness hoping oneself, be like see one monstrous.The Xuan ground in the sky of baby turns of make a dizzy beard, abashed Nan, uneasy, helpless, great anger, also have already concealed deep place the chemisette is in the heart bottom sorry and ashamed feeling.

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