Advanced manufacturing technology (M) 1, "open file", select a file of any CAM for *** folder 1, Zhengzhou Tengen laser marking machine, the ideal industrial tag partner Zhengzhou TIANZHENG laser marking machine, marking products the nameplate, finished or key components, to easy product quality tracking and anti-counterfeiting, is ideal marker partner 2, any programmed to play any, arbitrary the - Zhengzhou Tengen laser marking machine Zhengzhou Tengen Company specialized in supplying pneumatic marking machine, laser marking<p> laser cutting machine system generally consists of a laser generator, (outer) beam transmission component, work station (machine), computer numerical control cabinet, cooler and the computer (hardware and software) etc In simple terms is to improve the laser energy absorbed, it should improve the laser power or reduce the speed of engraving, as for the last of the approach depends on the material and the final effect of carving  March of this year, the quite famous Nantong Huigang shipbuilding companies were forced to close down (PU Ruima company in North America) CONVERGENT LASERS segment production to the court filed for bankruptcy

 Laser must be generated by the selection of appropriate working medium, can be metal laser cutting machine for metal laser cutting machine in this medium can achieve population inversion, necessary conditions to obtain laser 5, "Eagle" is to design the circuit diagram of XY coordinates along the maximum walk, look around and are carved to is it right? In simple terms is to improve the laser energy absorbed, it should improve the laser power or reduce the speed of engraving, as for the last of the approach depends on the material and the final effect of carving 9) Turn off the laser working gas CO2, N2, He, auxiliary gas O2  metal laser cutting machine, laser medium metal laser cutting machine of gas, liquid, solid or semiconductor, Ltd
 the domestic machine tool foundry industry advantage prominent, good developments according to the relevant media reports, eye China machine tool casting industry is developing rapidly, the good momentum of development00 semiconductor-pumped solid-state laser marking machine 84,561,000 industries 66 1/1  laser engraving experimental guidance manual  laser engraving experimental guidance manual, test principle are days Hengye CNC D80 laser engraving machine is to use print program input data in computer, and drives the laser head carving and cutting operation "Workers everywhere, basically did not stop gantry crane

 known foreign companies the Trumpf Germany , Italy Prima companies, Switzerland Bystronic Japan Amada company, MAZA1/6  laser engraving   directory carving material and laser engraving carton packaging advantages of laser engraving equipment laser engraving plate selected the five elements of the development status of laser engraving machine with the photonics technology The rapid development of laser engraving technology applications range more widely, the increasingly high demand for carving precision Specific materials, such as carving, required to absorb the laser energy, this energy should be seen as a material to absorb the laser energy = laser power / engraving speed Each timber has at the characteristics of the body, and some dense some, such as hardwood carving or cutting is necessary to use a larger laser power attention should be paid to the application of laser machining and conventional machining composite processing technology, in order to take full advantage of their respective strengths The following describes the laser processing and laser medical<p> if you're buying a laser engraving machine, opened the Internet Google or Baidu search, wow! A variety of brands come in great numbers to let you not know what course to take, it is squandering is to charming eyes, how to hit? What are the factors we must consider carefully? An expert once for China laser equipment have the praise, think this is an important symbol of China's laser industry development Including laser marking machine types of models, quality assurance, price, and service of a comprehensive experience

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