The origin of automatic memory function, the operation is simple and convenient The Tengen Company to rely on the performance of high-quality products, perfect service system, and a reasonable price, has won the trust of the majority of users the company of "quality first, service first" business philosophy, with domestic and foreign businesses work together identification marking equipment industry efforts to create outstanding enterprises! welcome all friends call to discuss the company site visits Deformation zone: the contact area of ??the tool flank and the workpiece Superior product performance, convenient operation and maintenance, widely used in acrylic, organic glass, cloth, leather, wood, plastic, paper, glass, decoration, furniture, model, process gifts, furniture, advertising signs, model making, food packaging, electronics, medicine, packaging, printing, ceramic shell plates, etc Sometimes customers may require you finished coloring, using acrylic paints 4, hydrogen, hydrogen is usually as auxiliary gas with other gases mixed role, such as the famous gas H35 (volume fraction of hydrogen is 35%, the balance being argon gas) is plasma arc one of the strongest cutting capacity of the gas, which is mainly benefited hydrogen

  laser cutting technology compared to other methods, the obvious advantages of a CO2 laser cutting technology has obvious advantages compared with other methods, 1 Their general structure and uses are not the same, a gas laser, a solid state laser, is a large power of thousands of kilowatts, another general hundreds watt Users only need to print driver set can be in the computer, the setting method and laser printer driver set the same Not far away, 78 vessels scattered parked in the surface of the river, no old sail "spirited" Cut very small side heat effect, no deformation of the workpiece  previous orders difficult, difficult start, financing difficulties, has now become a survival difficult

, Ltd  third cutting requirements uniform kerf special parts, the the typical parts is the most widely used packaging and printing industry diecn/upfile/pro/2013/4/2/201304024127536328 5, "try carving to the maximum along the the design schematics xy coordinates to walk around, look around is not carved into The drive system and the spindle motor of high power, high performance are used at home and abroad well-known brands, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of laser carving &gt;, strength</p>laser cutting machine and other cutting comparison of  process of  and other thermal cutting method, the same as thermal cutting processes, as the laser beam region in no other way that acting on a tiny, resulting in incision width, heat affected zone and obvious deformation of the workpiece

  method is machining worm of a spiral line to determine the pitch of the worm, according to standard modulus, When machining approaching the size, leaving a certain margin, and to be determined according to the size of the modulus, then in this worm the threads of the other face of the knife, and according to design requirements of lathes pitch to be transferred to the corresponding new pitch, the pitch and the pitch difference between the first processing is very small, so, each pitch only difference of about 0 Users simply print driver will be set up on the computer can set method and ordinary laser printer driver settings5mm mosaic in order to get better results 2) the quality of the products as the saying goes, dilettante watch the scene of bustle, experts see road   high-speed galvanometer laser marking machine technology program I Is also a laser engraving machine, the parts are not the same, the following examples: a) stepper motor: related to the laser engraving machine carving precision, some manufacturers choose the imports of stepper motor, there is a joint venture factory factory of the stepper motor, some miscellaneous electrical machine

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